Security - Safety & Survival

Security Staff

Teach them what they don't know & how to operate effectively.

Bar Staff & Bottle Staff

Give Them the Skills They Need To Keep Your Clients Coming Back

Club Management

Everything Manager's Need To Operate Efficiently & Properly.

Protect Your Club

Let Your Door Staff Learn What To Look For and How To Deal With Fake ID. Eliminate The Guess Work and The Experts That Don't Really Know.

Re-written in 2024 Nova Scotia Version Now Available, Checking ID For Licensed Establishments Is Packed With New Information.

  • Tips To Help You Spot The Fakes Right Away.
  • Know Your Rights To Deny Entry - No More Arguments
  • What To Do When You Do Catch Them

Currently Our Best Seller - We Offer Canada's Largest Selection of Staff Training and Manuals Designed Specifically For Licensed Establishments.

Nightlife Security Issues

They Don't Teach You Everything When You Get Your License. We Offer indepth Training for Club Drugs and Narcotics, How To Search At Your Door And What To Look For, and A Few Hundred More Items.

Management & Staff

Management Tips and Tricks Of The Trade, How To Catch Staff Steling Behind The Bar. Bottle Service Etiquete, Staff Policy Manuals, Responsible Service, or What To Do If You Encounter An Active Shooter


We Are Adapting Our Systems And Developing Province Specific Courses And Training For Each Of The Four Eastern Provinces





Ensuring Public Safety In Your Establishment

We Have Developed our Training and Manuals based on many Years of Expierence in Security and Operations of Licensed Establishments.

  • Security & Staff Training For Public Safety

  • Improve Relationship With Authorities

  • Improving Public Image and Your Brand

  • Becoming A Member of Safe Bars

Our Training

We Uffer Pro-Active Solutions For All Of Your Security- Staff - Management & Operational Needs..

Security/Door Staff

Training & Licensing

Bartenders & Servers

Responsible Service

Management & Staff

Operations & Customers

Restaurants & Pubs

Operations & Service

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